Corey Reynolds, PharmD

Bluechew Review, Results, and Experiences: How Bluechew Worked For Me

Bluechew is a company that provides online prescriptions for erectile dysfunction medications like sildenafil and tadalafil, the active ingredients found in Viagra and Cialis. The pills are delivered to customers’ doors in discreet packaging every month, and the company differentiates its ED pills by making them chewable (hence the name). Naturally, the FDA needs to Continue Reading

5 Stages of Addiction Recovery & How Long Do They Take?

Addiction is something which is developed after long term substance abuse. There are many similarities between the individual, but every case has its unique outcomes. There are many things which are of influence like biological factors, psychological factors, social factors, etc. With so many influencing factors, they have similar phases which allow them to walk Continue Reading

23rd National TASC Conference on Drugs, Crime & Reentry

The 23rd Annual National TASC Conference on Drugs, Crime, and Reentry was held April 10-12, 2017 in New Orleans, LA. Session Descriptions Presentations Applying Risk Needs and Responsivity with Mental Health Treatment Courts Beating the Drug Test Deflection A Public Health Solution to Better Public Safety Fatal Opiod Overdose Prevention with Nalaxone Implementation Science Mental Illness Continue Reading

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