Critical Elements

TASC Critical Elements


Systems Coordination Elements


Implementing systems coordination elements helps provide the overarching support from the justice, treatment and other social services systems necessary to manage substance involved persons from the justice system effectively.

  • Element 1: A process to coordinate justice, treatment and other systems.
  • Element 2: Procedures for providing information and cross-training to justice, treatment and other systems.

Organizational Elements


The organizational elements, taken together, build the structural foundation necessary for TASC programs to provide client services as well as support for the larger systems.

  • Element 3: A broad base of support from the justice system with a formal system for effective communication.
  • Element 4: A broad base of support by the treatment and other social services community.
  • Element 5: Organizational integrity.
  • Element 6: Policies and procedures for regular staff training.
  • Element 7: A management information system with a program evaluation design.

Operational Elements


Operational elements delineate the minimum set of client activities that are performed by the TASC organization on an ongoing basis.

  • Element 8: Clearly defined client eligibility criteria.
  • Element 9: Performance of client-centered case management.
  • Element 10: Screening procedures for identification of TASC candidates within the justice system.
  • Element 11: Documented procedures for assessment and referral.
  • Element 12: Policies, procedures and protocols for monitoring TASC clients’ alcohol and drug use through chemical testing.
  • Element 13: Competency with diverse populations.
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