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Best Rehab Center In American Samoa

Methamphetamine (meth) and marijuana are two of the most commonly abused drugs in American Samoa.  

While most people prefer to smoke ‘ice,’ the extremely pure version of crystal meth, the usage of other drugs is increasing in the territory, with the problem likely to worsen sooner rather than later. 

The American Samoan authorities established a Drug Control Commission and continue to partner with several non-profit organizations, village councils, public agencies, and religious groups to curb the worrying drug addiction statistics. 

But does American Samoa have credible drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers? Let’s take a quick look at the leading rehab center in the territory. 

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Teen Challenge American Samoa 

Teen Challenge American Samoa is dedicated to helping teenagers, and young adults become mentally sound, physically well, spiritually alive, and socially adjusted

The faith-based rehab centers its operations on the belief that spirituality is a vital part of sustainable treatment. 

As such, members get to participate in religious-based group and individual therapies that highlight the importance of applying Biblical principles to day-to-day relationships. 

By partnering with local stakeholders, Teen Challenge AS aims to curb the threat of drug addiction before it spirals out of control. 

The facility provides a compassionate environment for both residents and outpatient clients to receive holistic, religious-based treatment. 

And unlike most other rehabs that only focus on treatment, Teen Challenge AS takes it a notch higher by prioritizing the well-being of patients during and after treatment. 

Patients learn the importance of spiritual health in overcoming triggers and addiction. Additionally, patients develop positive social values that help develop sustainable relationships years after completing treatment. 

For many alumni, Teen Challenge is more than a rehab–it is a family that continues to open its doors to graduates months and years after completing treatment. 

Alumni get to participate in various activities, from volunteer projects to spiritual seminars and even career counseling to help create a positive future. 

Although Teen Challenge American Samoa doesn’t offer free services, its rehabilitation program is reviewed annually and is among the most affordable in the territory and throughout the country. 

The facility’s flexibility in terms of payment makes it ideal for people seeking treatment on a budget. Moreover, the program offers scholarships to teens that qualify. 

For more information about admissions and potential costs, it’s best to contact the facility by dialing +1 684 699 2635.

What Are The Most Commonly Abused Drugs In American Samoa?

Some of the commonly abused drugs in American Samoa include marijuana, meth, and alcohol. However, opioid abuse is increasing in the territory, with drugs like codeine, oxycodone, fentanyl, hydrocodone, and morphine being abused on a day-to-day basis. 

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Don't go through the process of recovery alone. There are people who can help you with the struggle you're facing. Get in touch with one today.

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Should I Attend Rehab In American Samoa?

If you live in American Samoa and don’t want to seek treatment from far away, then it’s best to enroll in a renowned rehab like Teen Challenge American Samoa.

The addiction treatment center takes a spiritual approach to drug and alcohol rehabilitation, which is vital in addressing underlying issues that trigger addictive behavior. 

Additionally, there are several addiction treatment centers in American Samoa that offer outpatient treatment, which is ideal if you don’t want to uproot your life while receiving treatment. 

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