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Rehab Drug Treatment Centers in El Paso, Texas

Does someone close to you have a drug problem? Luckily, El Paso has several rehab centers.

Throughout El Paso, drugs and alcohol are huge problems. In 2020, there were 186 deaths from drug overdoses, a 130% spike over 2019.

So which El Paso rehab centers offer the best local drug treatment? The following seven are the highest reviewed from clients.

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5 El Paso, TX Rehab Centers

  1. Medically-assisted treatment for opioid addiction – MedMark Treatment Centers El Paso
  2. Drug prevention and intervention center for young people in El Paso – Aliviane Inc
  3. El Paso facility for men’s and women’s drug treatment – Homeward Bound Inc
  4. Drug treatment with cognitive behavioral therapy in El Paso – Atlantis Health Services
  5. ASAP Substance Abuse Program – Ysleta Del Sur Pueblo

1. MedMark Treatment Centers El Paso – Medically-assisted treatment for opioid addiction

  • Address: 5004 Alameda Avenue, El Paso, TX 79905
  • Phone: 915-772-2045
  • Treatment services: Medication-Assisted Treatment (Opioids/Heroin), Addiction Education, Relapse Prevention
  • Payment options: Check, Credit Card, Debit Card, IHS-funded, Medicaid, Medicare, Private health insurance, TRICARE

MedMark Treatment Centers offer treatment for people coping with heroin and opioid addiction. At MedMark, clinicians offer a range of treatment options for patients who struggle with addictions to Hydrocodone, Oxycodone, Fentanyl, Codeine, Morphine, Tramadol, Oxymorphone, and Hydromorphone.

When patients stop using drugs, the first step toward recovery involves detox. This process is usually the most difficult stage because recovering addicts typically experience withdrawal symptoms. Therefore, MedMark’s main form of opioid therapy involves medication-assisted treatment (MAT), where clinicians administer medication to help patients through the difficult stages of drug withdrawal.

MedMark’s main form of MAT involves Methadone treatment, which helps alleviate withdrawal symptoms. During the second and third days of detox, the recovering individual might experience nausea, dizziness, physical pain, and bodily discomfort. Methadone softens the physical and emotional effects of withdrawal.

As an alternative form of MAT, MedMark clinicians may administer buprenorphine with naloxone (Suboxone®). This treatment antagonizes the opioid receptors in the brain and causes a ceiling effect that limits a person’s ability to get high. The drugs also blocks withdrawal symptoms and makes it easier for patients to get through the hardest stages of drug withdrawal.

MedMark Treatment Centers operate in 10 states and have seven locations in Texas, including their El Paso center.

2. Aliviane Inc – Drug prevention and intervention center for young people in El Paso

  • Address: 1626 Medical Center Drive, Suite 100, El Paso, TX 79902
  • Phone: 915-779-4527
  • Treatment services: Prevention, Intervention, Treatment (Alcohol, Opioids/Heroin), Recovery
  • Payment options: Check, Credit Card, Debit Card, Medicaid, Private health insurance, sliding fee scale

Aliviane hosts drug prevention and recovery programs designed to keep young people off drugs and alcohol. The facility’s banner PRIDES program offers group therapy sessions in a school-like setting. This way, teenagers and young adults can feel comfortable and open up about their problems in a mutually supportive, like-minded environment.

PRIDES helps El Paso youth create better futures for themselves.

Aliviane also promotes drug intervention through its Parenting Awareness & Drug Risk Education (PADRE) program. At Aliviane, the counselors understand that drugs and alcohol problems are typical subjects of denial among families.

When young people develop usage habits, they often withdraw due to shame. PADRE promotes communication and helps families intervene on addicted loved ones.

At Aliviane, they offer treatment for young people who struggle with alcohol and drug addiction, including hard drugs like opioids and heroin. Their Adult Outpatient Treatment Clinic (AOPC) provides substance use education and treatment designed to wean clients off drugs. 

Aliviane knows that for young people to grasp a drug-free life. They must be educated about the dangers of substance abuse and the benefits of sobriety.

Aliviane also helps clients on their road to recovery. For most people, the path from drug addiction to sobriety is a long one that involves stages. After a person stops using drugs and completes the detox stage, he/she must then heal on a physical and psychological level. 

Patients come to terms with the pre-existing issues that first led them into drugs and alcohol during the recovery stage. From there, they develop healthier habits and more positive ways of thinking.

3. Homeward Bound Inc – El Paso facility for men’s and women’s drug treatment

  • Address: 8716 Independence Drive, El Paso, TX 79907
  • Phone: 915-772-9111
  • Treatment services: Detoxification, Men’s/Women’s Residential, Alcohol, Mental Health, Detoxification (Opioids/Heroin)
  • Payment options: Check, Credit Card, Debit Card, IHS-funded, Medicaid

Homeward Bound Inc. has five locations in Texas, including the Trinity Center of El Paso. They offer detox, outpatient, and crisis services and have residential centers for men and women.

In Homeward’s detoxification program, clients go through the initial states of withdrawal (typically between five and seven days) under the supervision of center staff. At Homeward, clients have a place to quit drugs and alcohol with no further social pressure or access. 

During detox, it’s difficult to get through the first few days without succumbing to cravings. The Homeward environment prevents that.

Homeward has a men’s residential center with 30 beds. Here, men recovering from drug addiction and alcoholism spend between two and four weeks in peaceful seclusion from city life. 

For many men, alcohol and drug habits often stem from work pressure, financial stress, and performance anxiety. At Homeward, men learn healthier ways to cope with stress as they readjust to society.

Homeward also has a women’s residential center with 16 beds. Here, women spend between 14 and 28 days secluded from outside stress and pressure. This allows recovering women to clear their minds of stress and develop healthier, more productive habits. 

Women often take up drugs and alcohol to cope with stress and trauma. At Homeward, counselors help women through these issues on the road to long-term recovery.

For people 18 and older, Homeward offers crisis and recovery support. The problem of addiction does not stop with the user; it also affects parents, offspring and significant others. In most cases, loved ones notice the problem before the addicted individual even starts to face the music. Homeward helps friends and families through these crises.

Homeward also offers outpatient services for recovering drug and alcohol users. This allows clients to undergo rehab and still partake in their daily commitments on the outside. Homeward’s outpatient treatment is based on the 12-step model, where clients follow an outlined system and master the habits of positive, sober individuals.

4. Atlantis Health Services – Drug treatment with cognitive behavioral therapy in El Paso

  • Address: 6028 Surety Drive, El Paso, TX 79905
  • Phone: 915-544-3500
  • Treatment services: Rehab Services (Alcohol, Opioids/Heroin), Mental Health
  • Payment options: Check, Credit Card, Debit Card, Medicaid, Medicare, Private health insurance, State insurance, TRICARE

Atlantis Health offers rehab services for El Paso residents who struggle with opioid and alcohol addiction. Their services include supported housing and employment finders for people trying to put their lives back together. Additional services include psychosocial and rehabilitation support, plus comprehensive skills training and development.

The counselors at Atlantis Health understand that alcoholism and drug addiction are often rooted in psychological issues that extend far back into a person’s life. Patients at Atlantis Health get customized treatment at the center’s outpatient program for addiction and substance abuse. 

Atlantis staff also treat anxiety, depression, schizoaffective disorder, and other mental health problems.

For the majority of recovering addicts, therapy and sobriety go hand-in-hand. Atlantis staff promote cognitive behavioral therapy, which helps patients pinpoint the psychological roots of their addictive behavior. From there, counselors employ behavioral modification strategies to help each patient replace his/her destructive impulses with positive solutions in daily life. 

Atlantis also hosts group counseling.

5. Ysleta Del Sur Pueblo – ASAP Substance Abuse Program

  • Address: 9314 Juanchido Street, El Paso, TX 79907
  • Phone: 915-860-6118
  • Treatment services: Alcohol, Mental Health, Opioids/Heroin 
  • Payment options: IHS-funded, Medicaid, Private health insurance, sliding fee scale

Ysleta del Sur Pueblo is a Native American organization in the Ysleta area of El Paso. They offer a range of health and wellness activities for people of all ages. People can get counseling and help with addiction recovery and relapse prevention at the Alcohol and Substance Abuse Division.

Division leaders at Ysleta del Sur Pueblo promote preventative education as a means for sobriety. The tribe promotes a drug-free life and encourages uplifting daily activities for men, women, and children. At Ysleta del Sur Pueblo, their division offers drug prevention, crisis intervention, rehabilitation, outpatient treatment, and therapeutic support groups.

For recovering alcoholics and drug users, Ysleta del Sur Pueblo promotes the 12-step model. This gives people added structure as they adjust to sobriety and engage in tribal activities with other members.

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FAQs for Rehab Centers in El Paso, Texas

Do rehab centers work?

Drug rehab centers work when two parties, the counseling staff, and the individual patients, communicate and commit to the same goal, sobriety. For the patient, it takes a willingness to change and an adherence to the program. Successful rehab centers listen to the needs of each patient and design the most suitable recovery program for his or her situation.

One crucial thing for patients to understand is that sobriety is a commitment that extends far beyond inpatient or outpatient treatment. There will likely be situations down the road where drug/alcohol opportunities will appear. The sober individual turns the other way and masters healthier habits.

Where are the best El Paso rehab centers?

Each of the centers covered in this article has many satisfied former clients. However, rehab centers often specialize in certain areas (opioids/alcohol treatment, older/younger clients) and emphasize different types of treatment (spiritual, 12-step, etc). The best center for one person might not be right for the next.

For medically-assisted treatment, try MedMark. For crisis services, contact Homeward Bound Inc. For multiple inpatient and outpatient locations, contact El Paso Behavioral Health System. To undergo rehab as part of an outdoor wellness community, consider Ysleta del Sur Pueblo.

How hard is detox?

Detox is the most challenging part of drug or alcohol rehab. This is the stage where chemicals clear the body and cravings peak. However, the worst is usually over after 3-5 days (upwards of 10 days in severe cases). That’s just a five-day sacrifice for a life of sobriety.

Due to the strong physical and emotional stress that typically comes with detox, patients should only do it under the supervision of medical staff. Texas rehab centers offer the guidance and support that patients need to complete detox and recovery.

Find Rehab Centers in El Paso, TX

In Texas, people die from alcoholism and drug overdoses at alarming rates. Don’t let yourself or anyone you know become a statistic. Call the nearest rehab center in El Paso today and get on track for a sober life.

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Don't go through the process of recovery alone. There are people who can help you with the struggle you're facing. Get in touch with one today.

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