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Best Rehab Centers In New Hampshire with the Finest Drug and Alcohol Counselors

New Hampshire, the granite state with a population of more than 1.3 million, is in a battle with opioid and fentanyl addiction and overdose. In 2016, the Manchester fire department began a Safe station program to combat this problem because things are getting out of hand. 

The safe station has its inpatient and outpatient facilities and partnership with several other treatment facilities in the state. Here, people who want to get free from their drug addiction issues can finally get the treatment they need.

If you are one of these people who have become victim to the grappling grip of opioid addiction in NH, there are some centers to help.

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Avenues Recovery Center

  • Address: 81 Hall St, Concord, New Hampshire, 03301
  • Phone Number: 855-463-0786
  • Treatment Services: Detoxification, Residential Treatment, Partial Hospitalization, Intensive Outpatient, Outpatient, Sober living, clinical counseling, life skill training
  • Payment Method: Insurance

Avenues Recovery Center is a recovery community for men and women who have decided to seek help for any drug and alcohol problems they might have. Here, whether you or your loved one needs help, you will both be seen not as patients or clients but as partners of the center.

In your first 24hours of admission, you are welcomed by the loving arms of a licensed therapist and medical professional. After which, if you need detox, you will get transported to a detox facility; here, you are closely monitored. If medical therapy is necessary, it will be made available to you.

For those that do not need detox, your first 24hrs will involve taking a tour of the facility, where you are free to ask any questions you may have.

Dual diagnosis is also essential, and Avenues makes sure to treat both the problem and the cause to prevent co-occurring disorders.  

A typical day at the Avenues Recovery Center involves group sessions and fun recreational activities. You will also be pleased to know that the New Hampshire Center is just one of the nine facilities in the U.S. Other centers are in Pennsylvania, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Maryland, and Indiana. Some of these states have more than two centers. 

Granite Recovery Centers

  • Headquarters Address: 6 Manor Parkway Salem, NH 03079
  • Phone Number: 855-280-0916
  • NFA Canterbury Address: 367 Shaker Road Canterbury, NH 03224
  • Phone Number: 866-420-6222
  • The Granite House Address: The Granite House 35 W Broadway, Derry, NH 03038
  • Phone Number: 866-637-5288
  • Treatment options: Residential treatment, Intensive Outpatient, Sober living, Alumni program, Mental health treatment, Medication-assisted treatment, uniformed professionals’ treatment
  • Payment Method: Insurance

Granite Recovery Centers have been in the service of helping people with drug and alcohol issues for more than ten years. Here, treatment is individualized to meet the specific needs of each patient.

In New Hampshire alone, Granite boasts of four treatment and recovery centers. One of the famous Green Mountain Treatment Center is where their journey to helping people with drug and alcohol addiction started.

Other Granite Recovery Centers include New Freedom Academy in Canterbury and Salem and the Granite House, located in Derry. The New Freedom Academy at Canterbury is for people who need more time and a closer relationship with the clinicians; thus, it has a low client to clinician ratio.

Green Mountain Treatment Center

  • Address: 244 HighWatch Road, Effingham, NH 03882
  • Phone Number: 866-597-1404
  • Treatment options: Addiction therapy services, Mental health treatment, Medication-assisted treatment, uniformed professionals’ treatment, residential treatment, dual diagnosis, 12-step program.
  • Payment Method: Insurance

Green Mountain Treatment Center, a subsidiary of Granite Recovery Centers, is located in Effingham-home to the aesthetically pleasing white mountains of New Hampshire.

Here, up-to-date treatment methods are used to give help in an easily accessible and serene environment to those who need it.

At Green Mountain, a combination of clinical and holistic treatment services is offered based on your needs. This makes it easier to deal with withdrawal symptoms by using clinical methods and using holistic treatment to ensure the emotional and spiritual wellness of the patients.

You wouldn’t need to get transported to an offsite detox facility; Green Mountain has all you need to make you better. Also, Green Mountain offers separate men and women programs.

Blueprint Recovery Center

  • Address: 2 Chenell Drive Concord, NH 03301
  • Phone Number: 833.654.1004
  • Treatment options: Addiction treatment therapy, substance abuse treatment programs, intensive outpatient, outpatient, partial hospitalization, community housing program, men rehab center, women rehab center
  • Payment Method: Insurance

Suppose you are searching for addiction treatment for yourself or your loved one and want to see the facility before signing up. In that case, the Blueprint Recovery Center is one drug and alcohol treatment center that is ready to offer you a tour of their facility at your request. The facility offers a home away from home experience in a secure and comfortable non-hospital setting.

The team here is made of dedicated, educated, certified, and trained staff who use their wealth of experience to ensure that you leave better than you came, giving you the chance to take back control of your life.

This center has world-class living facilities like king-sized bedrooms, semi-private bathrooms, beautiful outdoors, and spacious living rooms. Whether you are a man or woman, there are gender-specific rehab programs tailored to meet and tackle gender-specific problems.

Aware Recovery Center

  • Address: 15 Constitution Drive, Suite 2n Bedford, NH 03110
  • Phone Number: 603-769-8462
  • Treatment options: In-home treatment, In-home medication-assisted treatment, Individualized treatment and interventions, In-home withdrawal management, specialized treatment tracks for first responders and young adults, case management, community engagement, holistic services, family therapy, individual therapy. 
  • Payment Method: Insurance, Direct Checks, Loans, Lightstream

New Hampshire is only one of the six states where the Aware Recovery Center has its feet planted to provide quality health care and treatment to people struggling with opioid and other drug addiction issues. Since the arrival on the scene in 2019, overdose deaths have seen a decline in New Hampshire.

Aware Recovery Center adopts several not very popular approaches to tackling drug addiction treatment in the state.

One of these is the In-home addiction treatment which means you do not have to leave your home to get the help you deserve. Aware will take it upon themselves to come to you. This way, you enjoy an individualized treatment, reduced risk of disease transmission.

Services here are also available to young adults and members of the LGBTQ community. 

Gatehouse Treatment

  • Address: 155 Main Dunstable Rd., Suite 130 Nashua, NH 03060
  • Phone Number: (855) 448-3588
  • Treatment options: Gender-specific rehab, partial hospitalization program, intensive outpatient, customized addiction therapy, outpatient program, sober living homes, 12-step integration, life skills, and case management.
  • Payment Method: Insurance

If you want the best treatment for yourself or your loved one, Gatehouse Treatment is the right choice for you. The gender-specific approach used here is one of a kind. It boasts of yielding incredible results since the problem of drug and alcohol addiction is unique to each gender. 

This facility started as a sober home for men in New Hampshire. However, over the years, it has grown into a multi-facility treatment center. At Gatehouse, treatment is based on two age groups. There are treatment methods for adults and treatment for young adults. Young adults include men and women between the age of 18-30. 

If you are a young adult and think you are invulnerable to addiction, then the young adult approach to treating addiction will be used to help you get your life back.

This treatment method involves carrying out cognitive behavioral therapy, brain and body trauma assessment, somatic symptom assessment, adventure therapy, nutritional assessment, and engaging in several physical activities. 

Gatehouse Treatment is also ready to provide intervention services for your loved ones when you get in touch with them. Gatehouse will also guide you on writing an intervention letter to your loved ones that will make them see why they need drug rehab.

The Process Recovery Center

  • Address: 33 East Pearl St. Nashua, NH 03060
  • Phone Number: (603) 606-9429
  • Treatment options: Partial hospitalization program, sober living, intensive outpatient program, Vivitrol, aftercare planning, neurofeedback, deep breathwork, medication-assisted treatment, Geno mind genetic testing  
  • Payment Method: Insurance

The Process Recovery Center comprises a well-structured team of experts who are ready to help you overcome opioid and drug addiction. This includes a team of executives, administrators, clinicians, a case management team, and a recovery support team. 

Here, help is readily rendered to you as long as you are 18yrs and older. There is no gender, racial, or age discrimination. 

Once you are ready to start the journey to getting your life back, contacting the process recovery center is the first step to getting better. The next step will involve putting your fears aside and finally realizing that you are not alone. The Process Recovery Center is a friend you can trust. 

Farnum North – Webster Place

  • Address: 27 Holy Cross Rd. Franklin, NH
  • Phone Number: 603.622.3020 | 1.888.840.4243
  • Treatment options: Detoxification, Residential, Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT), Outpatient
  • Payment Method: Insurance

Farnum facility- Webster Place is a men-only inpatient rehab treatment center. It is one of the many locations owned by Farnum center. This facility is located on the homestead of New Hampshire statesman Daniel Webster.

The Webster place is a 42-bed facility that recently received a $2 million donation to create the perfect environment for addiction treatment. 

Here, a family-like setting is adopted, and dinners are even taken in a family style setting. During this time, patients can converse freely with one another and also with their caregivers. The food served is tasty and nutritious, and people with special dietary needs are also accommodated. 

Farnum has received more than four awards relating to treating people struggling with addiction.

Road To Better Life

  • Somersworth Address: 255 NH-108, Somersworth, NH 03878, Phone Number: (603) 841-2301
  • Newington Address: 2299 Woodbury Ave. Newington, NH 03801, Phone Number: (603) 766-8660
  • Merrimack Address: 2 Mound Court Merrimack, NH 03054, Phone Number: (603) 423-0207
  • Concord Address: 22 Bridge St. #2 Concord, NH 03301, Phone number: (603) 415-0330
  • Wolfeboro Address: 245 South Main St. Wolfeboro, NH 03894, Phone number: (603) 515-2240
  • Treatment options: Medication-assisted treatment, Intensive outpatient program, Group therapy, individual therapy, pregnancy
  • Payment Method: Insurance, Debit/credit cards, bank draft, money orders, direct cash deposit

The ROAD to a Better Life recovery center is for people who want a safe and serene environment to get started on their road to recovery. Here, the focus is to provide respectful and friendly drug and alcohol treatment while preventing relapse.

The ROAD to Better Life started as a suboxone clinic for opioid addicts in the year 2004. 

However, they quickly understood that being a suboxone clinic alone was not enough for patients. There were many common cases of relapse. To tackle this, the clinic decided to engage the services of trained and licensed therapists and counselors. Through this, the ROAD to Better Life was born. 

ROAD to Better life engages primarily in medication-assisted treatment by using drugs like Buprenorphine. Buprenorphine can normalize the brain chemistry and alter the effects of opioids while helping to deal with cravings and fight the adverse effects of abused drugs. 

Pregnant women who might have exposed the baby in their womb to harmful drugs are also welcomed. This will reduce the chance of giving birth to a baby with neonatal abstinence syndrome, also known as baby withdrawal. Lastly, behavioral health services are also available. 

Why should you do rehab in New Hampshire?

Here are three reasons why you should do your rehab in New Hampshire.

  1. New Hampshire is currently at war with opioids, fentanyl, and other drugs. Thus, many treatment centers offer different treatment methods, treatment options for different people and accept different payment methods. People running this state want the war gone; therefore, staff at the listed facilities are passionate about helping addicts get clean.
  2. New Hampshire has 72 rehab centers, 18 of which offer residential treatment, and 62 accept Medicaid. So, you are not limited to a few options.
  3. New Hampshire rehab facilities are state of the art. They use modern methods to tackle drug abuse and overdose. Several nationally recognized bodies accredit these facilities, and the experts who offer care here are certified professionals. 

In conclusion, once you go through the treatment facilities reviewed in this article, getting the perfect rehab center in New Hampshire to help set you on the right path to rediscovering yourself shouldn’t be challenging.

Call +1 (201) 660-9842 ASAP if you need help now!

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