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Rehab Centers in San Francisco, California

Is there someone you know in urgent need of rehab? Fortunately, San Francisco has some of America’s most ideal treatment centers for alcohol and drug addiction.

In San Francisco County, drugs are one of the biggest problems facing communities. In 2019, overdoses accounted for 441 local deaths, more than 10 times the city’s murder total that year.

So what are the best treatment centers in San Francisco? The following have some of the highest rated reviews in town.

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List of Rehab Centers in the Bay Area

  1. Ohlhoff Recovery Programs – Rehab house in the Victorian section of San Francisco
  2. Salvation Army Rehabilitation – Faith-based, no-cost drug/alcohol rehab program in San Francisco
  3. New Hope Recovery – Recovery center near the Port of San Francisco
  4. Marina Harbor Detox – Treatment center on the San Francisco Harbor
  5. Elevate Addiction Services – Drug intervention program in San Francisco
  6. Walden House Inc – Rehab center in the Hayes Valley section of San Francisco
  7. Woodleaf Eating Disorder Center – Counseling center for eating disorders in San Francisco
  8. Bayview Hunters Point Foundation – Substance abuse facility with homeless services in San Francisco
  9. Alta Mira Recovery  – Treatment center across the bridge from San Francisco, CA

1. Ohlhoff Recovery Programs – Rehab house in the Victorian section of San Francisco

  • Address: 601 Steiner St, San Francisco, CA 94117
  • Phone: 877-677-4543
  • Treatment Programs: Inpatient, Residential, Outpatient Treatment, Intensive Outpatient, Continuing Care, Teen Intervene
  • Payment Options: Check, Credit/Debit Card, Insurance (BlueCross/BlueShield, Aetna, Health Net, Magellan Health, Cigna, beacon, Anthem)

For more than six decades, Ohlhoff has made rehab accessible to San Francisco drug and alcohol dependents. Ohlhoff offers treatment programs for people regardless of any relapse history, mental health problems or co-occurring disorders.

Patients who struggle with drug addiction can get help in Ohlhoff’s inpatient treatment program, also known as Skip Byron Primary Program (SBPP). The program consists of a 30-day stay at the Victorian-era Henry Ohlhoff House in San Francisco’s historic Painted Ladies section of town. While here, patients get supervised treatment 24/7 from Ohlhoff staff.

For patients who need long-term recovery treatment, the Henry Ohlhoff House hosts two programs: the Men’s Residential Program and a Women’s Recovery Program. Both offer structured treatment services in a safe environment with supportive, like-minded patients and staff. In these programs, patients can attend evening meetings and still honor a daily work schedule.

Ohlhoff also offers an outpatient program for clients with less severe problems. It features care at multiple levels for recovering addicts of all ages, as well as family members.

2. Salvation Army Rehabilitation – Faith-based, no-cost drug/alcohol rehab program in San Francisco

  • Address: 1500 Valencia Street, San Francisco, California 94110
  • Phone: 1-800-SAL-ARMY
  • Treatment Programs: Intensive Rehabilitation Unit, Intensive Outpatient Program, Adolescent Substance Abuse Treatment, Anger Management
  • Payment Options: No Cost

The Salvation Army of San Francisco offers a holistic treatment program for drug and alcohol addiction. Here, clients develop life skills and attend group and one-on-one counseling. The program is designed to aid people on their road to physical recovery from drug use and alcoholism and repair the spiritual brokenness that often leads to addictive behavior.

In the Salvation Army rehabilitation program, residents establish a relationship with a supreme power and lean on that relationship in times of doubt, instead of alcohol or drugs. People who complete the program can be reunited with loved ones as healthy, fully functioning adults. It helps repair families that have been torn apart by alcoholism and drug addiction.

In the Adult Rehabilitation program, residents stay for 180 days. The program consists of work therapy, emotional assistance, spiritual guidance and social support from counselors and like-minded individuals. The program helps adults regain their coping skills and learn to deal with stresses without resorting to alcohol or drugs.

Adults aged 12-65 with valid IDs and Social Security cards are allowed, provided they pass drug and TB skin tests and are not registered sex offenders.

The Salvation Army of San Francisco also offers residential treatment for patients who need behavioral health counseling and education after detox. In the intensive outpatient program, clients are taught how to overcome vice triggers and master sobriety. Additionally, the Salvation Army offers employment services, such as help with resume writing and job placement.

3. Marina Harbor Detox – Treatment center on the San Francisco Harbor

  • Address: 289 Marina Blvd, San Francisco, CA 94123
  • Phone: (415) 868-3858
  • Treatment Programs: Medication-assisted Detox, 24-hour Monitoring, 12-Step Recovery Meetings, IV Therapy, Relapse Prevention
  • Payment Options: Check, Credit/Debit Card, Insurance (UnitedHealthOne, UnitedHealthcare, Golden Rule, Assurant, Humana, CarePlus, WellCare, Cigna, Coventry, Optimum, Aetna, BlueCross/BlueShield, FreedomHealth)

Marina Harbor Detox is a private alcohol rehab and addiction recovery center on Marina Boulevard in San Francisco. The Marina staff help Bay Area residents overcome substance-use disorders with detox programs and dual diagnosis treatment. The clinicians here treat various types of addiction, including alcoholism and opioid dependency.

When clients go off drugs and check into Marina Harbor, the initial pains and cravings can be excruciating for the first few days, especially 24-72 hours out from the time of last use. Patients need supervision during this period. At Marina, each patient is monitored 24/7 as he or she gets to the end of this initial, most challenging stage of drug withdrawal.

Marina counselors believe in a holistic approach to drug and alcohol therapy. Every client is different and addiction can take root in numerous ways. When people get hooked on downers, they’re often trying to escape stress, depression, anxiety and trauma. When people get hooked on uppers, they’re often trying to meet heavy schedules, workloads, deadlines and demands. On the other hand, some people get hooked because they’re surrounded by drugs.

Whatever the roots might be for a client’s addiction,  Marina counselors help each individual get to the heart of his or her problem on an emotional and psychological level. It’s the combination of detox treatment and therapy that leads to lasting recovery because, this way, clients conquer their physical urges for drugs and the co-occurring mental problems that led them there.

To aid in the process, Marina Harbor offers medically-assisted detox and a recovery program based on the 12-step model.

4. Elevate Addiction Services – Drug intervention program in San Francisco

  • Address: 795 Folsom St #1003, San Francisco, CA 94107
  • Phone: (415) 991-1922
  • Treatment Programs: Intervention, Drug and Alcohol Detox, Inpatient Drug Rehab, Outpatient Drug and Alcohol Program, Telehealth, Aftercare and Relapse Prevention
  • Payment Options: Check, Credit/Debit Card, Insurance (Cigna, BlueCross/BlueShield, Aetna, HealthNet, Anthem, Humana, Beacon)

Elevate Addiction Services provides detox treatment to San Francisco residents. People come here to get clean and sober. Elevate also hosts an intervention program aimed at individuals in denial.

Drug addiction is difficult to conquer cold turkey. Most people who’ve had a substance use disorder will eventually relapse if they don’t have a structured system to keep them on the straight and narrow. At Elevate Addiction Services in Northern California, clients get support and guidance throughout the stages of detox and recovery. In addition to San Francisco, Elevate has locations in Lake Tahoe, Placerville and Watsonville in Santa Cruz County.

People who struggle with a drug or alcohol addiction have different temperaments. Some will readily acknowledge their problem and submit to rehab. However, a lot of addicts are in denial. If you try to bring the issue up, they’ll close up or get defensive and hostile. In these situations, intervention is the best way to deal with the matter.

Elevate helps concerned loved ones organize interventions on behalf of alcoholic and drug-addicted individuals. When you get lots of people together from the person’s life, such as friends, coworkers and extended family, the large gathering of concerned people can help to neutralize the individual. This makes it easier for loved ones and counselors to get through to that person and have him or her submit to detox and rehab.

At the Elevate treatment facility located in San Francisco, counselors and clinical staff also offer inpatient and outpatient treatment for substance issues of varying levels of severity.

5. Walden House Inc – Rehab center in the Hayes Valley section of San Francisco

  • Address: 890 Hayes St, San Francisco, CA 94117
  • Phone: (415) 762-3705
  • Treatment Programs: Substance Use Disorder Treatment, Mental Health Services
  • Payment Options: Check, Credit/Debit Card, Insurance

Walden House was founded in 1969 in the Haight Ashbury district of San Francisco, America’s epicenter of hippies, peace, and love in the drug-crazed, psychedelic ’60s. The house was founded to give refuge, counseling, and support to the area’s homeless, drug-addicted youth. In 2012, Walden House merged with Haight Ashbury Free Clinics and became HealthRIGHT 360.

HealthRIGHT 360 offers programs for people with substance use problems. Drug use has always been a problem in the San Francisco Bay Area, where the urban environment offers numerous access points to impressionable young individuals. When you factor in the stresses of city life and the high cost of living, drugs can seem like an easy escape for depressed and desperate people who wish to ease their minds and bodies.

At HealthRIGHT 360, addiction treatment and support groups is offered to patients who’ve lost their way due to drugs and alcohol. The road to recovery is long, and HealthRIGHT seeks to guide patients through every step, from the initial detox to gradual rehabilitation. As the individual regains their strength and willpower, they can then grasp the life skills and coping mechanisms needed for a sober life.

HealthRIGHT also offers behavioral therapy to help patients conquer the co-occurring mental health disorders that feed into alcohol and drug addiction. Each patient speaks one-on-one with counselors to get to the root of his or her drug problem. Clients also speak and interact in groups of other people who are recovering from similar problems. Everyone that comes to HealthRIGHT is different, but they are all bonded by a wish to improve their lives and achieve sobriety.

6. Woodleaf Eating Disorder Center – Counseling center for eating disorders in San Francisco

  • Address: 45 Franklin St, San Francisco, CA 94102
  • Phone: (415) 840-0670
  • Treatment Programs: Anorexia/Restrictive Eating Treatment, Binge Eating Treatment
  • Payment Options: Check, Credit/Debit Card, Insurance

Woodleaf offers an intensive outpatient program for people in the San Francisco area with eating disorders. In a world where poor health is rampant yet body image is everything on social media, eating disorders are quite common. On one hand, people have access to high-calorie fast foods. For many people, fast food is the easiest option during long commutes and busy schedules.

Easting disorders take root from various pressures and personal issues. Some people can’t control their food intake, so they become bulimics. It might seem convenient at first: to eat anything and everything that tastes good, then regurgitate it all before the calories enter the system. This is a very dangerous habit that can cause asphyxiation.

Some people have distorted images of their own bodies. A woman might think she’s large or overweight when, in fact, she’s weight/height proportionate. An anorexic might drop to some dangerously low weight like 80 pounds and still feel “too big.” Body dysmorphia is a mental health disorder that can have fatal consequences.

At Woodleaf, they treat eating disorders in a supportive environment where small groups meet in a positive, non-judgmental setting. Woodleaf hosts evening meetups, where clients discuss their issues, receive group counseling and learn about good health practices. After the program, clients get continued aftercare support on the Woodleaf site.

7. Bayview Hunters Point Foundation – Substance abuse facility with homeless services in San Francisco

  • Address: 150 Executive Park Blvd, Suite 2800, San Francisco, CA 94134
  • Phone: (415) 468-5100
  • Treatment Programs: Substance Use Disorders Services, Behavioral Health Services, Residential and Homeless Services
  • Payment Options: Call

In central and southern California, drugs are as rampant as the homeless epidemic. Sadly, both problems tend to go hand-in-hand. At Bayview Hunters Point Foundation, they offer programs designed to counter both problems.

Bayview has treatment options for people struggling with alcoholism, drug addiction and co-occurring mental health disorders. They offer residential treatment for people in need of a structured, monitored rehab program, complete with support groups and activities. Bayview also has programs designed to get people out of destitute situations.

8. Alta Mira Recovery  – Treatment center across the bridge from San Francisco, CA

  • Address: 125 Bulkley Ave, Sausalito, CA 94965
  • Phone: (866) 922-1350
  • Treatment Programs: Medically Supervised Detox, 90-Day Program, 30-Day Program, Family Program
  • Payment Options: Check. Credit/Debit Card, Private Insurance

For some people in San Francisco county, treatment centers in the inner city feel too close to the access points to drugs and alcohol. Alta Mira Recovery is located across the bridge in Sausalito. It’s a luxury rehab facility situated on the water.

Alta Mira offers 30-day and 90-day treatment options for people seeking to conquer alcohol and drug addiction. Clients with severe issues of chemical dependency might need the three-month program after detox. During this time, counselors help clients prepare for sober life with education, therapy and supervised structured activities.

FAQs for Rehab Centers in San Francisco

Do drug treatment centers offer long-term recovery?

Treatment programs can and do work if they cover all the grounds for a healthy recovery, such as detox, counseling, group therapy, 12 steps, administered medication, support, activities, education and aftercare.

What are the best rehab centers in the San Francisco bay area?

It depends on what you’re after. If you’re looking for an inner-city inpatient/outpatient facility, Ohlhoff would be one of the better options. If you want a faith-based program, try the Salvation Army of San Francisco. If you want to do rehab away from the city, try Alta Mira.

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In San Francisco County, substance abuse is a major public health concern. Addiction ruins the lives of young adults and older folks alike. Don’t let you or anyone you love become a statistic. Contact a treatment facility and get the help you need today.

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