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Court-Ordered Drug and Alcohol Treatment 

Enrolling into a rehab facility isn’t always a personal choice. In some instances, a judge might order a convicted individual to attend rehab.  Court-ordered rehab is usually given as a condition of parole, probation, or release and may even be given in place of jail time.  The aim of a court-ordered drug and alcohol treatment …


How Can I Pay for Rehab?

How Can I Pay for Rehab? Most rehab centers will inform you how to pay for rehabilitation treatment services before you arrive at the facility. Most addiction centers will not allow you to attend until payment is satisfied or a payment plan is verified. Some will allow you to pay as you go through your …

Does Alcohol and Drugs Rehab Take Medicaid or Medicare? Find the Answer Here

Does Rehab Take Medicaid or Medicare Yes, most rehab facilities take Medicaid and Medicare but with some stipulations. Each state has different rules for accepting funding for behavioral health services, drugs and alcohol addiction treatment. Generally, state-funded and federally-funded programs are required to provide coverage for behavioral health services due to the following acts passing: …

Does Rehab Take Insurance?

Do Addiction Rehab Centers Accept Insurance as Payment? Yes. The vast majority of drug and alcohol addiction rehab facilities accept private and marketplace insurance plans, and many also accept public ones through Medicaid or Medicare. Each facility‚Äôs website will detail the type of plans accepted. Examples of Insurances that Rehab Facilities Accept Every individual rehab …