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Category: Inhalants


Whippits: 10 Facts About Whippit Abuse You Need To Know

The term ‘whippit’ refers to a pressurized canister of nitrous oxide used to charge a whipped cream dispenser. Whippits are a valuable tool in the culinary world and have a great many legitimate applications. However, they have also become a common inhalant used for recreational drug abuse. This is why, in recent years, regulations governing …

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Huffing Paint: Signs and Symptoms

Huffing is a method of substance abuse that is usually initiated with an end goal of obtaining a high. It’s speedy euphoric- triggering effect makes it a cost-effective alternative to highly-priced drug options, the likes of nicotine, cocaine, and alcohol. According to the Mayo Clinic inhalant abuse is practiced through a broad range of mechanisms namely: sniffing, …

Signs of Inhalant Use

Nearly all used products produce effects similar to anesthetics, which slow down the body’s function. Varying upon level of dosage, the user can experience slight stimulation, feeling of less inhibition or loss of consciousness. The user can also suffer from Sudden Sniffing Death Syndrome. The user can die the 1st, 10th or 100th time he or she …

Inhalant Laws By State, Which States Give Jail Time and Fines for Inhalant Abuse

Here are various inhalant laws by state * indicates state which provides a fine, jail time or treatment option for violation of inhalant laws State Law Prohibits Substances Prohibited Fine Jail Treatment Arizona sale, transfer, or offer to sell to minor vapor releasing substance containing toxic substance * * California sale, distribution, dispensation, possession to …