Engagement and Retention Training

National TASC is pleased to announce its current work in partnership with the Bureau of Justice Assistance to develop an engagement and retention curriculum for drug court professionals. The education offered through this curriculum will improve methods for engaging and retaining adult drug court participants in treatment; thereby improving their outcomes. National TASC will deliver this curriculum during two 2-day seminars for 50-60 drug court professionals.

Using an interactive, cross-training approach to clarify roles and expectations and promote team building, the seminars will include a discussion of treatment approaches and structures that can enhance or impede client retention, including cultural and gender competency. The seminars will also focus on skills development in the areas of motivational interviewing and enhancement, case management, and other procedures and techniques that justice and treatment professionals can use to improve engagement and retention of clients.

This project is designed to meet one of the recommendations made in the 1999 National Drug Court Treatment Survey. Bobbie Herron-Boyer is the lead consultant and researcher on this project. National TASC will select teams of participants in pilots and will be seeking NDCTTAP participants to be field reviewers for the project.

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