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Types of Victimization

A victim is a person who is suffering from any kind of direct or indirect physical, financial, and/or emotional harm. In many cases, the causes of victimization are considered to be crimes as a person inflicts it from one to another, which involves force, abuse, or threats. In this article, we are going to discussing some of the different types of victimization.

Sexual Misconduct

Sexual Misconduct

This is a term used for non-consensual sexual activity. This includes things like mental and physical incapacitation under the influence of alcohol. Sexual misconduct includes rape, statutory rape, sexual touching, sexual exploitation, sexual harassment, and other such acts.


Stalking is prohibited as it is a malicious activity which involves following a person against other people will. This is putting the persons’ ability to get the right to find a reasonable fear for one’s personal safety and the safety of the family. This may includes things like the use of gifts, communication technology, and using other sources to convey threats. This is offensive and can also be taken reference under sexual misconduct.

Physical Assault

Physical Assault

Physical assault is also prohibited, which involves striking a person against his or her will. Physical assaults involve things like hitting, kicking, slapping, and the use of weapons such as guns or knives.

Dating / Relationship violence

Dating / Relationship violence

The law also prohibits dating violence as it involves emotional, verbal, physical, sexual abuse by a partner, family member and also other relationships. There are many strict laws which making domestic and dating violence illegal, and many additional ones that protect victims, such as the ability to get a restraining order.


Theft is a process of unauthorized removal of any personal property of anything you own. Theft is prohibited by the law whether it is due to the reason of needs or just wants. Theft can also sometimes mix with the conveyance of threats which can result in unlawful and deliberate means of harm.

Sexual Exploitation

Sexual exploitation is taking advantage of a non-consenting person for a personal benefit, which can allow one to the alleged victim, which can vary from constitute rape or sexual touching. Sexual exploitation includes things like photographing, making audio and video recording of sexual activity without consent. The act of taking images without the consent of the partner or observing the activity itself can land you in jail. Also, knowingly transferring sexual transmitted infections or HIV to another person. Giving alcohol and other drugs in the intent of rendering him helpless or incapable of making a decision and taking advantage of the situation also is a form of sexual exploitation.

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